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On roof

Sweep Chimney Cleaning Off Your To-do List

Posted Jul 22, 2022 in Chimneys

Many homeowners wait until the end of November or beginning of December before they call to get their chimney cleaned. That can lead to an overwhelming number of customers requesting…

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Chimney in winter

Winters are hard on chimneys

Posted Mar 01, 2018 in Chimneys

This Chicago winters have no shortage of freezing and thawing cycles, snow on rooftops, and resulting damage to chimneys. Yet many people overlook the need for maintenance of their chimneys.…

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Chimney waterproofing

Waterproofing your chimney

Posted Nov 14, 2017 in Chimneys

Materials used to construct a masonry chimney are usually porous and can absorb large amounts of moisture. Waterproofing materials are available which allow the chimney to breathe and yet prevent…

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Wood Burning Masonry Fireplace

How often should you clean your chimney?

Posted Aug 09, 2017 in Chimneys

Here at Safeway Chimney Sweeps, your safety is our main concern. We are in business to keep you, your family and your home safe when it comes to your fireplace.…

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