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Chimney Repair

We fix leaky chimneys!

When was the last time you looked at your brick chimney?

On aver­age home­own­ers have their roof repaired or replaced every 15 – 20 years, while they may have their chim­ney repaired only once over a 50-year period.

When it comes to hav­ing your brick home or mason­ry chim­ney repaired, we at Safe­way Chim­ney have a say­ing, The soon­er, the bet­ter.” Mason­ry repairs tend get more and more involved the longer they are put off. What could have been a sim­ple tuck-point­ing job can quick­ly turn into a tear down and rebuild. When one area of mason­ry cracks or flakes that dam­age will spread over time. As water enters the struc­ture it seeps through the mason­ry pulling min­er­als from the brick which in turn weak­ens the struc­ture. This process repeats and as it repeats the work required to rec­ti­fy it goes up exponentially.

How do I know if I need mason­ry work?

  • Are there cracks in the bricks or stone?
  • Is the brick Flak­ing or Spalling”?
  • Is an Efflo­res­cence or white chalky sub­stance vis­i­ble on the exte­ri­or or interior?
  • Is a black/​green moss or mildew stain­ing the brick?
  • Stained brick or stone? 
  • Is dry­wall bub­bling” or sat­u­rat­ed after rain?
  • Do the mor­tar joints seem to be recessing?

Things to keep in mind

At Safe­way Chim­ney our phi­los­o­phy is to do the job cor­rect­ly the first time. We access the entire chim­ney or mason­ry area and give you the cor­rect rec­om­men­da­tion from the start. A lot of com­pa­nies try to band aid an issue, it may seem to solve your prob­lem for a short peri­od of time but costs you more mon­ey in the long term. We are a equipped with the cor­rect skills and mate­ri­als to give you the best option depend­ing on how exten­sive the dam­age may be. Call Safe­way today and we will diag­no­sis the route of your issue and rec­om­mend the cor­rect pro­ce­dures to rec­ti­fy it!

All Work is Performed by Licensed & Certified Technicians, fully insured and trained in the most up to date practices.

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